Pam Reed


Pam Reed is an ultrarunning legend and the first person to complete a 300-mile run without sleep, breaking Dean Karnazes’s then-record of 262 miles. She completed the run in slightly less than 80 hours.

In 2003, she set the women’s record for the USATF 24-hour track run, which she still holds. She is the only woman to have won the Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon (in both 2002 and 2003). In 2002, her win set the women’s course record, which was broken in 2008 by Jamie Donaldson.

She is also co-author of her autobiography - The Extra Mile.

In their own words:

When I’m not training or competing, I love to: swim, bike, run, run, run, hike in Tetons, skate ski, kayak. I work out all of the time.

Something that very few people know about me is: own and race direct Tucson Marathon and the Jackson Hole Half Marathon.

What first inspired you to push your potential? I wanted to play a sport in college, so I picked Tennis and it took a lot of commitment to make the team, which I did.

My favorite athletic moment or achievement to date is: Placing 1st overall at the Badwater 135 mile race, twice.

The worst moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is: I don't have really a worst feeling. Sometimes the greatest learning was when it was the hardest.

The event on my bucket list is: Run Across America and break the World Record, which is approx 45 miles per day for 60 days.

My pre-race superstition is: Try to eat steak the night before.

If I were to talk about Nathan to a fellow athlete, I would say: Need to use the hydration pack. The way Nathan makes it, you don't even realize you have it on and you can take all of your nutrition with you in all of the pouches. I would also tell them to get the StrobeLights for their dogs. I use them in the dark in the morning when I run with my dogs. You totally can see where your dogs are! I also would tell them to wear their reflective vests for safety. It is so light you don't know you have it on.