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Top Running Must Haves

July 20, 2022

Hydration Gear

No matter the distance you’re running, staying hydrated is key. The average person needs about 5 oz of water for every 15 minutes of exercise, which adds up to 20 oz for each hour. Even if you’re going out for a quick run, carrying water can help improve your performance and recovery.

For runners that are more minimalist or for shorter runs that require less storage we have our Quickstart 4L. These packs are one size fits most, have minimal pockets, a streamlined design, and allow you to carry water, your phone, keys, card, energy gels - without all the extra stuff.

Or if vests are more your speed, we have our Vapor Air and Airess 7L vests, which have an adaptive sizing system that helps fine tune the fit to your body.

For runners that are running in more desolate areas or for longer runs that require a lot of storage, we have our Trail Mix 7L and 12L packs. These packs will support even the most rugged runs with their collection of off the grid features. From trekking pole loops to extra pockets for storage, this pack is designed to keep you supported throughout your run.


Reflective & Visibility Gear

In low light hours, reflective and visibility gear are crucial to keep you seen and safe. While reflectivity and lighting are usually thought to apply to nighttime running only, running in the morning is time that requires just as much reflectivity and lighting to stay safe. At Nathan, we believe you run safe when you have 3 points of light on you – two reflective points, one of your front, one on your back, as well as a light to help you see.

For reflective options, we have reflective vests that range from our more minimal Vibe Reflective Vest to our Streak Reflective Vest, which provides the most reflective coverage.

For lights we have our clip-on strobe lights that allow you to pick and choose where you’d like your points of light to be. We also have our Neutron headlamp that designed to be lightweight and steady - perfect for runners.